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Its always hard working out what to pack when it comes to the Birth and Stay at the hospital. I find speaking with other Mums, and following a check list makes being organised alot easier! Here is my check list for what I have packed for #3 hospital bag. 

This list is created to stay for approx 2 nights, 3 days. 



The extras I would suggest also: 

  • Have a note on the hospital bag with the few things you need hubby to grab if youre not in the mind to remember (this would be things like: Phone, Charger, toiletries you were still using that arent packed...) 
  • Pack outfits in little sandwhich bags (I do this in my day to day nappy bag also) - that way you just grab out a bag and it has the whole outfit ready in it (easy for husbands to grab and not be confused) 
  • I try not to overpack, but tend to try pack one extra of each clothing piece in case of leakage etc... 
  • Pre write and plan your birth announcement - I have a draft message saved in my notes on my phone with a text that only needs to have the name and details filled in that we can easily copy and paste to family and friends. I have also been super organised and even sent a group text to those who I plan on messaging her arrival to, so that way I don't have to worry about forgetting people or spending forever drafting messages.
  • If you're a little worried about 'stinging' down there later on - bringing a water spray bottle is helpful to 'spray' as you wee can help relieve the sting. 
  • Try to avoid strong fragrances in your toiletries - its good to smell like 'you' for skin on skin time with baby. 
  • Check with your hospital if they provide nappies and wipes or if you need too. Allow around 10 per day (so I have 20 packed actually)


Whats in MY hospital bag? SHOP now: 




I have mentioned using BIRTHCARDS during my labours. These are great to give to birth partners to help encourage you during labour when things are seeming pretty tough. My Husband and Mum read these to me, and it definitely helped keep me focused and strengthened. Some points have been taken from reading the book 'Birth Skills' by Juju Sundin. Birth pain is healthy pain, and I found the more I focused on each contraction, the better I worked through them. 

I have shared my faith of being a christian, and how its a huge part of my life. Prayer and scriptures also helped me through labour, so I printed out my favourite during hard times when I was fearful or needed strength. 

Feel free to use any of the cards for your own labour. 






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