Myla Birth Story - June 2014

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Myla Joy Spies- Birth story (Written 2014)


1 day past due date Mom arrived in Emerald at about 10 PM (We lived 9hours away from family). When she arrived she convinced me to take castor oil (old wives tale), which gave me a few contractions throughout the night but nothing consistent and it stopped by morning (I was very careful with making sure I stay hydrated when taking this).


I went in for a check up at the hospital and the obstetrician checked me but I wasn't even dilated enough to do a stretch and sweep. He also did a scan and told me that the baby wasn't going to be that big.


My itchiness that I've been getting for a few weeks had become that bad that I was waking through the night scratching myself bleeding (They had checked me for many things that could cause itchiness, but came up with nothing). It was horrible and I was begging them to Induce me just to stop the itchiness. They checked me at the hospital and I was dilated to 1 1/2 to 2 cm so they gave me a stretch and sweep to see if that could get labour started. That night around 7 PM in the bath contractions started. They started at 30 minutes apart and gradually became closer and closer together. Mom and I went for a lots of walks around the block to keep the contractions coming and they got closer together. By 1am they were 2 to 3 minutes apart and starting to get quite painful. We went to the hospital but once we got there they started to slow down and the pain wasn't nearly as intense. We stayed at the hospital until 5:30 AM when they told us we should go Home and rest until labor kicked in more.


For the next two days I had on and off contractions anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes apart. They would become quite painful but nothing was consistent enough to go to the hospital. We did a lot of walking to trying get it moving along but nothing helped. Every few hours I managed to get about one hour rest between the contractions. I was so physically exhausted, but desperately wanted labour to start properly as the contractions were quite painful and woke up easily.

07/06/14 - 08/06/14

After having pre-labor for two days, on Saturday night around 7 PM the contractions finally started to be consistent. They started at about 10 minutes apart and by 11 PM were getting very very close and a lot more intense. I remember sitting on the fitball using the coffee table to help concentrate when I had the contractions and the pain started to get unbearable and I knew this was definitely proper labour. We went to the hospital at 1 AM when my contractions were two minutes apart. The Drive there was only six minutes but it was very very difficult to do with such intense close contractions. At the hospital I went into the shower straight away with the fit ball, and for the next few hours I had Lewis running the hose from the shower along my back and stomach and helping me concentrate on the contractions. They decided to check me and I was only 5cm dilated. I asked to go in the bath but it took a long time to fill up and there ended up being a hole in the bath (blow up), so every 5 or 10 minutes they had to pump air into the bath. By this point I was starting to panic in between contractions as I was so tired and exhausted. I asked if I could have some gas and as soon as they gave it to me I was feeling a lot more relaxed in between contractions and I was able to concentrate more and calm my mind. I ended up getting into the normal spa bath in one of the rooms and I stayed there for the next few hours into morning. To help me concentrate while having the contractions I focused on mum's voice and Lewis voice as they encouraged me. Mum would tell me scriptures and talk me about the strength God has given me. I also focused on my breathing and the sound the gas machine would make as I breathed in during the contraction. Around 8 AM Lewis went and got McDonald's by himself for breakfast and I started to get more contractions on top of each other and labor was progressing well. They checked me and I was 8 cm dilated and we headed into the shower. After a while they told me I could start pushing when I had a contraction. I pushed in many different positions, using the fitball, holding onto the shower rods, holding on to Lewis and squatting, being on all fours on the floor and sitting down. Nothing seems like it was working and I was beginning to get worried that my pushing wouldn't do anything and she wouldn't come out. But they told me they could see part of her head though and it was working I just had to keep pushing. My waters broke while I was on the floor of the shower about 45 mins before she came out. Once I hit the two hour mark of pushing they called the doctor to come in and help. But then I sat on the birth stool and she instantly came down into a new position ready to start crowning. I pushed through the crowning and probably took about 30 minutes to finally get her out. During those final moments of pushing, her heart rate had dropped and they told me I had to get her at straightaway. I remember saying how much the crowning burnt and the midwife laughed telling me that they don't call it the 'ring of fire' for no reason. Her head came out and within the next few pushes finally her body came. I actually caught her myself and brought her up into my chest. Lewis was sitting behind me, holding me up. Myla was covered in red blood and had no white gunk on her at all. She was a very big baby. All I kept saying was "my baby, my baby this is my baby" feeling very emotional but I didn't cry. We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and Lewis was meant to cut it but he decided not too, so mum got to cut the cord herself. They gave me the needle to push out the placenta and it came out very very easily and was one of the best feelings in the world. We went over to the bed where they checked me to see if I needed stitches and I tried to feed Myla. I only had grazes so no stitches were needed but it was very painful as they checked so I had the gas the whole time while they checked. Myla couldn't attach when I tried to give her a feed, so I ended up syringe feeding her from me. It was the most painful difficult few days of my life but it was worth it in every single way. Looking back I can't believe I did it and I'm so proud of myself. Myla weighed in at exactly 9 pounds and was 52 cm long and the head circumference of 33 cm. We stayed in hospital until Wednesday when we gave her her first bath in the hospital and then went home. In hospital we had wonderful midwives and staff members and it was very relaxing time together as our little family. Myla gradually got better feeding and I was able to breast-feed fine by the time we went home.

Prelabour- Thursday 7pm-Saturday 7pm.

Active labour: Saturday 7pm-Sunday 12:49pm




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